eXact 2 - Portable Color Measurement

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Measure the Right Spot, Every Time
With an on-board high-resolution camera and Mantis video targeting technology, what you see is what you measure.

Inspect Patches with Confidence
eXact 2’s Digital Loupe functionality provides dynamic zoom capabilities to capture and inspect the right spot without measuring print defects and saves an image of the measurement.

Spend Less Time Looking Through Menus
Get up to speed quickly and work with fewer errors with eXact 2’s ergonomic design, adjustable tilt screen display, and intuitive ‘twotaps or less’ menu.

Minimize Ink Contamination
Measure draw-downs and proofs without tracking ink using eXact 2’s non-contact measurement area.

Work Untethered
Drive your color measurement processes directly from eXact 2 without being tied to a console or computer with on-board Wi-Fi.

Manage Your Workflow from eXact 2
See ColorCert® job quality results on the device and simplify ink workflows with InkFormulation Software (IFS) integration.

Access Color Standards on the Device
Retrieve preloaded solids, neons, and pastels, plus connect with your PantoneLIVE subscription to acquire thousands of additional colors across a variety of substrates.

Toggle Between Spot and Scanning Modes
With a single tap, switch from measuring individual patches to scanning color bars using integrated wheels and the on-board camera for visual look ahead and color bar recognition.

Manage Your Entire Fleet of Devices
Get up-to-date intelligence on device health and service history, plus remotely deploy firmware updates, color libraries, and standards to your entire fleet with X-Rite Link dashboard.


  eXact 2 eXact 2 XP eXact 2 Plus
versions Designed for use on paper substrates, eXact 2 features advanced measurement technology, first-to-market Mantis video targeting, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an intelligent interface. More than just a color measurement tool, eXact 2 is the driving force behind an integrated software and IOTenabled workflow to evaluate color. eXact 2 Xp offers all features available on eXact 2, and also offers the ability to measure CMYK and spot colors on flexible films and other unique substrates by minimizing interference variation. Unrivaled in speed, accuracy, and user-experience, eXact 2 Plus is the most versatile and powerful non-contact handheld spectrophotometer on the market. It combines the features of eXact 2 and eXact 2 Xp, plus the ability to evaluate ink and paper.
Substrates Paper Board Folded carton Metal with white opaque BOPP - white or clear Paper Board Folded carton Metal with white opaque LDPE/HDPE/BOPP - white or clear poly Flexible film Materials with polarized qualities Paper Board Folded carton Metal with white opaque LDPE*/HDPE*/BOPP* - white or clear Flexible film Materials with polarized qualities
additional functions     Paper indices (whiteness, yellowness) Metamerism Absolute and relative color strength Opacity